20 Rising Global Stars
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    Date : Monday, May 9, 2016 - 01:52:32 Read : 57536

    ATI Business Group

    PT Abdi Teknologi Informasi, known as ATI Business Group, is Indonesia’s leading outsourcing company. Established in 2001, ATI has gained tremendous traction in the past six years, growing from just 25 staff in 2010 to over 660 employees currently—almost all of them are full-time—and increasing its business at an 80% CAGR.



    Founded in 1968 in Surabaya by Nathanael Wirahardja Natahamidjaja, Bamboe makes packaged spice mixes to simplify the process of preparing traditional Indonesian dishes—for example, a premixed package of spices for beef rending or rawon soup. Over the years, PT Bamboe Indonesia has built a strong brand image and become the market leader in its sector. It has four types of spice mixes: curry dishes, fried dishes, thick sauces and soups, with a total 26 variants for export.

    Bukaka Teknik Utama

    Founded in 1978, PT Bukaka Teknik Utama has evolved into a holding company with a focus on engineering, procurement, construction, energy and investment. It produces steel towers, steel bridges, passenger boarding bridges, oil and gas equipment, road construction equipment, special purpose vehicles, power generators and plant system projects. It is owned by the family of Vice President Jusuf Kalla. 

    Cap Lang

    The Cap Lang brand is the domestic market leader for Cajuput oil, and has an array of 20 products based on it from oil to balm products. It is often used as a balm for sore muscles. Currently Cap Lang brand products are exported to countries in ASEAN, Middle East, East Asia and also South America. The Cap Lang brand was created by pharmaceutical producer PT Eagle Indo Pharma, established in 1973 and based in Tangerang. 


    Named after its founder, Carlo Pessina, this Bali based furniture company has been designing and making original furniture, interior fittings and accessories for over 25 years. The company is renowned for materials innovation. In the 1980s, Carlo pioneered the use of coconut shell in furniture design, starting an international trend and influencing a generation of designers. Aside from coconut shells, Carlo also has experimented with other material such as seashells, tree bark and mother-of-pearl.