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Bold Timing
Eurobutik Bangun Indonesia capitalizes on opportunities in independent luxury watches
Marella Putri 9 months ago . 6 min read
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan Introduces Opulent Optic Collection
Recently the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan opened a high-tech optical retail called Opulent Optic Collection. Displayed at the hotel’s Gift
Ester Christine Natalia 10 months ago . 1 min read
Food & Drink
Turkish Ramadhan Festivities at Raffles Jakarta
Raffles Jakarta invites guests to its third Annual Turkish Ramadhan, presenting completely authentic Turkish experience with surprises throughout the event.
Marella Putri 10 months ago . 2 min read
Remote(ivate) Yourself
Voted one of the Top 10 co-working spaces on earth by Forbes in 2016, Hubud or 'Hub in Ubud' located in Ubud, Bali, is a co-working space dedicated to finding the balance between work and lifestyle.
Madison Manwaring 1 year ago . 4 min read
Forbes Life
Beachside Wellness Retreat
COMO Uma Canggu blends a perfect balance of wellness and luxury in a hip concept.
Ardian Wibisono 1 year ago . 6 min read
Porsche Indonesia and Burberry Showcase its Heritage Through a Private Soiree
Last November Porsche Indonesia collaborated with Burberry to showcase their customers the heritage of the two brands with a private soiree exclusively held at Porsche Centre Surabaya.
Yessar Rosendar 1 year ago . 2 min read
Fendi Plaza Indonesia Reopens with Revamped Look
Fendi reopens a newly renovated boutique in Plaza Indonesia, the new design is inspired by the Maison’s Roman roots, a
Yessar Rosendar 1 year ago . 1 min read
Forbes Life
Playful Luxury
Hermes’ Eric Festy is optimistic about the Asian market, including Indonesia. Last March, Hermes opened its newly renovated store in
Shintya Felicitas 1 year ago . 4 min read